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Crovis was deliberately tortured

Help treat Crovis & save his life
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This is a very disturbing case which has shocked us to the core. Sadly there are some dispicible human beings who deliberately torture dogs, put them on social media & ask for donations!!

One of those victims is “Crovis”. He was brought to the attention of our friends at Animal Lifeline Uganda who thankfully immediately went and rescued him.

In short – his skull has been deliberately fracured. This terrible injury has created a buildup of fluid/blood inside his skull & that fluid is leaking out of his eyes& causing him much discomfort.

Urgent surgery is needed to decrease the pressure on his skull, as Crovis is also experiencing breathing difficulties, due to this injury.

Crovis’s case is truly heart breaking & we DESPERATELY want to help this elderly dog, so that he can have the surgery he needs & the volunteers at Animal Lifeline Uganda can care for him for the rest of his life.

Please, please help us do this! We just hate to see him suffering.

Thank you.